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29 Mar, 2023


The United Arab Emirates (UAE), with its thriving economy, is making substantial investments in environmental sustainability initiatives to remain a global leader. The need for professionals with an understanding of environmental and sustainability practices has therefor significantly risen in the UAE for the following reasons:

  • The UAE is committed to reducing electricity consumption and carbon emission to improve environmental sustainability. The country has set ambitious goals to generate 50% electricity through carbon-free sources, which will mainly include solar photovoltaic, by the year 2050.
  • The overutilization of resources in the UAE has become a matter of grave concern, leading to increased government's efforts to protect the environment and manage natural resources, such as oil, water, and air in a sustainable manner. This requires individuals with expertise in environment and sustainability sciences to ensure that these resources are efficiently managed while maintaining sustainability and economic viability.
  • The UAE is positioning itself as a hub for sustainable tourism, which requires a skilled and knowledgeable workforce in environment and sustainability sciences to support this growth. The UAE has the potential to become a destination for sustainable tourism due to its rich cultural heritage, beautiful landscapes and contemporary infrastructure.


Thus, there has never been a better opportunity for graduate students in the UAE to learn and excel in the field of environment and sustainability sciences. With an increase in the demand for professionals in this field and the availability of opportunities for growth and impact, it is a career path that promises both personal and professional rewards.

During a recent interview, Dr. Yousef Nazzal, Professor and Chair of the Life and Environmental Sciences Department at the College of Natural and Health Sciences, Zayed University, was questioned regarding the steps graduate students in the UAE can undertake to develop the necessary skills for a successful career in environment and sustainability sciences. 

Utilizing his extensive knowledge and experience in the field, Dr. Nazzal offered insightful and well-informed advice. He stressed the significance of hands-on learning experiences, internships and staying current with recent advancements in the field to establish a strong foundation for a successful career. Furthermore, he emphasized the requirement for graduate students to foster a genuine passion for environment and sustainability science and to proactively search for opportunities to apply their knowledge in real-world situations.


Key Takeaways

  • Advice to professionals who are starting their careers in environment and sustainability management.
  • The current state of environment and sustainability management education in the Middle East.
  • Multidisciplinary studies in addressing environment and sustainability challenges.
  • Zayed University’s role in promoting sustainability and advancing the field of environment and sustainability sciences.
  • The competitive advantage of Zayed University's Master of Science in Environment and Sustainability Sciences.
  • The career outlook for environmental scientists in the UAE.


Environment and Sustainability Sciences Professionals in the United Arab Emirates

Given the nation's ongoing commitment to sustainable initiatives and as the UAE continues to invest in eco-friendly projects, graduates in environment and sustainability sciences will find ample opportunities across private and public sectors, contributing to the nation's green transition and fostering long-term environmental resilience. In the UAE, the average pay for an environmental scientist is AED 270,003 per year. However, environment and sustainability sciences professionals in the UAE can expect an estimated salary growth of 20% in the next five years (AED 324,727 per year).


How Can Zayed University Help Graduate Students Build a Successful Career in Environment and Sustainability Sciences?

The Master of Science in Environment and Sustainability Sciences program provides graduate students with the opportunity to explore a wide array of research areas including water sustainability, green technologies, climate change, sustainability planning and management, remote sensing and GIS, biodiversity and conservation, ecosystem functions, and circular economy.

Furthermore, the multidisciplinary program equips students with the proficiency, and abilities required to critically evaluate and provide guidance on the establishment of environmental management systems, as well as enhancing the ecological performance of various organizations. This master’s degree fosters an academic and authoritative understanding of the subject matter, ensuring graduates are well-prepared to address complex environmental challenges. More specific, the program learning outcomes include the following:


Knowledge and Practice

a. Develop an advanced understanding of ecosystem and the features to maintain it.
b. Recognize the role of human activities in shaping the natural environment and identify management and governance strategies for minimizing negative impacts and enhancing positive impacts.
c. Formulate solutions to complex environmental issues.


Critical Thinking

a. Evaluate information and apply advanced knowledge to recommend strategies that address environmental problems in the UAE.
b. Show critical appreciation and ability to link sustainability, natural sciences, social, cultural, and ethical issues in relation to environmental practices and management.



a. Prepare and effectively convey information and knowledge on environmental health and sustainability issues in a variety of formats.
b. Effectively communicate with professionals, labor, industry and general public, and the media.
c. Synthesize information from multiple perspectives and reconcile a cohesive viewpoint that can be delivered to a variety of stakeholders.


Professionalism, Autonomy and Leadership

a. Work professionally and ethically across different sectors, disciplines and institutional levels.
b. Continuously examine and critically reflect on own practice and values and adjust them accordingly.



a. Design studies that apply appropriate quantitative tools and analytical methods to conduct research in environmental sciences and sustainability.
b. Continuously review recent developments and new knowledge to determine appropriate use of data for problem identification and resolution.
c. Evaluate the integrity and comparability of data used in environmental studies.

Successful completion of the master’s degree program facilitates access to a wide array of multi-faceted and rewarding career paths. As the importance of sustainability across various industries grows, an increasing number of upper-level management roles will emerge within government entities, non-governmental bodies, conservation-focused organizations, and environmental consultancy agencies, solidifying the academic and authoritative foundation provided by this master’s degree.

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