Harnessing Digital Resources for Graduate Success: Zayed University’s Library and Learning Commons

30 Apr, 2024


Zayed University’s Library and Learning Commons plays a crucial role in supporting graduate students throughout their academic journey. In addition to traditional library resources, the Library and Learning Commons embraces innovative technologies and digital tools to meet the evolving needs of graduate students. Access to electronic resources, online databases, and virtual research environments enables graduate students to engage with cutting-edge research and stay abreast of the latest development in their fields. The insights of Dr Kristine Stewart, Associate Professor and Information Literacy Coordinator at the Library and Learning Commons on the Zayed University Abu Dhabi campus reveal the depth of the resources available to graduate students, emphasizing the library's proactive role in supporting graduate research that aligns with the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) strategic priorities. 



Digital Resources and Support for Graduate Research

The Library and Learning Commons has meticulously curated its collections to reflect the academic programs offered at Zayed University, ensuring that graduate students have access to the most relevant and up-to-date resources to support them in conducting thorough and comprehensive research for their graduate studies and theses. With over 200 online databases, including specialized collections in Arabic and English, the library facilitates research that contributes to the UAE's national priorities. 

Workshops, seminars, and events hosted by the Library and Learning Commons provide opportunities for graduate students to enhance their research skills, network with fellow scholars and engage in interdisciplinary dialogue. For example, the Library and Learning Commons’ collaboration with the Deanship of Graduate Studies on the annual Graduate Research Symposium exemplifies its dedication to fostering a research culture that resonates with the UAE's vision for innovation. This event offers graduate students a platform to present their research, receive scholarly feedback, and engage in professional networking, thereby enhancing their research capabilities and professional development.

Moreover, the Library and Learning Commons offers a variety of services designed to enhance the research experience for graduate students. Appointments for assistance with research can be booked online with an expert librarian to provide personalized assistance with graduate research inquiries, database searches and citation management, ensuring that graduate students have the support they need to navigate the complexities of academic research. 

Furthermore, the Library and Learning serves as a vibrant hub for collaboration, learning and scholarly exchange. Graduate students have access to study spaces, group discussion rooms, and collaborative workstations where they can connect with peers, share ideas, and collaborate on research projects. 

Specialized Collections for Strategic Development

The Library and Learning Commons offers access to information that are not freely available online. This includes specialized databases, rare manuscripts, and archived materials that can enrich graduate students’ understanding of their field and provide unique insights into their research topics. Highlighting the Emirates collection, Dr Stewart points out its interdisciplinary nature, offering comprehensive resources on the UAE and the Trucial States that support graduate research in areas critical to the UAE’s strategic development. This interdisciplinary approach of the Library and Learning Commons encourages graduate students to explore connections between different areas of knowledge, fostering innovation and holistic approaches to research. 

Maximizing Digital Access and Utilization

Dr Stewart emphasizes the importance of familiarizing oneself with the library's digital offerings. By engaging with subject specialists and utilizing the single sign-in process, graduate students can efficiently access a plethora of resources, from e-journals to online databases. Workshops and training sessions, specifically designed to align with the UAE’s focus on research and innovation, further support graduate students in thesis writing, research methodology, and the effective use of digital research tools.

Collaboration and Resource Sharing

Interlibrary loan services and partnerships with other institutions significantly enhance the research capabilities of Zayed University’s graduate students. Allowing students to request materials that are not available in their own library’s collection, expands the range of resources accessible to graduate students. These collaborations also ensure access to a global network of resources, supporting projects of national significance and allowing students to explore and contribute to international academic and professional communities.


Staying Responsive to Evolving Research Needs

The Library and Learning Commons actively seeks feedback and suggestions from the graduate community to continually update its collections and services. This proactive approach ensures that the library remains responsive to the evolving research landscape and the specific needs of graduate students working on projects aligned with the UAE's national objectives.

With a commitment to excellence in education and research, Zayed University’s Library and Learning Commons plays an integral role in supporting the research endeavours of graduate students, providing them with the resources, services, and community they need to thrive academically and contribute meaningfully to their respective fields of study.

The Library and Learning Commons’ website provides additional information regarding library resources and support services available to graduate students. For customized guidance on how to improve your graduate research experience, please contact Dr Kristine Stewart at +971-2-599-3605 / dgs.recruitment@zu.ac.ae

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