Top Careers in 2022 with a Master of Science in Finance

6 Jun, 2022

Finance is a varied and rapidly evolving industry. As finance forms the backbone of any organization, the demand for finance professionals is unmatched. However, while there may be a growing demand in the industry, the field of finance remains quite competitive. A master’s degree in finance will not only increase your earnings and bolster your career, but it will also give you a comparative and competitive advantage over your peers in today’s complex and fast-paced world.

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With Zayed University’s AACSB-accredited Master of Science in Finance, you will develop specialized knowledge on how to use the functions of finance to create and maximize value in commercial companies and societies. Building skills and expertise in strategic financial management will also prepare you for a wide spectrum of senior executive positions in banking, investment and asset management or a finance function in other non-financial corporations. Moreover, gaining specialized industry knowledge, skills and experience in multiple disciplines will also enable you to more adequately forecast global markets. Furthermore, the program incorporates topics that will prepare and help you to pass the highly sought-after Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Certified Financial Risk Manager (CFRM) and Certified Financial Manager (CFM) exams.

Investing in a master’s degree can define your career path. It is therefore wise to take an informed decision on the wide range of master’s degrees in finance available to you. With courses taught by leading academics in the field of finance such as commercial banking, corporate finance, financial institutions and banking, financial derivatives, financial markets and Islamic finance and banking, Zayed University’s Master of Science in Finance is designed to adequately prepare you for future challenges in the dynamic world of finance. Besides focused financial sector knowledge, the program also incorporates the teaching of soft skills such as strategic thinking and analytical skills that complement technical finance knowledge and skills. Acquired knowledge and skills learned can be applied directly on the job and will put you in a good position to manage and lead teams in a competitive global job market. In addition, it is also wise to consider the graduate program learning outcomes. If these are aligned with the skills that employers seek from new hires, recent finance graduates can expect a boost in their employability. Zayed University’s master’s degree program places a high emphasis on this matching being achieved.


Top Careers in Finance to Pursue in 2022

A Master of Science in Finance enables you to pursue careers that will open an array of future pathways for professional growth. Finance graduates are employed in a wide range of industries. Employment opportunities for graduates are across a broad spectrum from government, banks, financial advising/consulting, financial services, real estate, teaching, insurance, valuation and retail management. Potential employers of finance graduates include commercial banks, merchant and investment banks, insurance and real estate companies, brokerage firms, stock exchanges, hedge funds and private equity firms, and the treasury and corporate finance divisions of major corporations. As some students may already be established in a finance career, they can expect improved job prospects and new opportunities for further career progression in the specialized field of finance.

A Master of Science in Finance could help you embark on a successful career in the rapidly expanding FinTech sector. With technology continuing to change the face of the financial services industry, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is seeing a rise in FinTech startups with exponential growth potential in the post COVID-19 era. As per the IBS Intelligence Report, the UAE accommodates FinTech companies on 50% of its total landscape. As the world gears up for new financial trends, FinTech is playing a crucial role in financial services going forward that also will boost future job openings in finance.


Finance Positions in Demand and Salary Expectations

According to the Michael Page Salary Guide and Hiring Insights United Arab Emirates 2022, the following banking and financial services positions are in high demand:

  • Investments Associate
  • Finance Manager - Investments
  • Institutional Sales - Director, Associate
  • Compliance Manager
  • Corporate Development / Investments - Manager / Director
  • Fund Finance Manager


The guide lists financial modeling, financial control and commercial finance, institutional sales/fund-raising and compliance are the most in-demand skills or experience.

The Michael Page Salary Guide and Hiring Insights United Arab Emirates 2022 lists the 2022 benchmarked monthly salaries (including basic, housing and transport) for the UAE in the area of banking and financial services. With regards to retail banking, the Head of Consumer Banking can expect an average monthly salary of AED 157,000 and Managing Directors of private equity/investment firms can expect an average monthly salary of AED 126,000. A Head of Wholesale Banking can expect an average monthly salary of AED 147,000. A Manager of Insurance can expect an average monthly salary of AED 97,000, while a Chief Operations Officer (COO) can expect an average monthly salary of AED 82,000.

According to the Michael Page Salary Guide and Hiring Insights United Arab Emirates 2022, the following finance positions are in high demand:

  • Regional Head of Finance / Finance Director
  • Credit Manager / Controller
  • Internal Audit / Risk Manager
  • FP&A Manager / Senior Analyst
Finance transformation is and will be one of the most in-demand skill or experience for the future. “Companies have realized the need to be more adaptive to new technology and transform their finance function to facilitate new working models.” “Depending on the financial health of the company, credit and debt restructuring are in demand for multiple businesses.” Furthermore, “Risk Managers who can business partner with credit, tax, internal controls and finance functions are also in demand.” (Michael Page Salary Guide and Hiring Insights United Arab Emirates 2022)

The Michael Page Salary Guide and Hiring Insights United Arab Emirates 2022 lists the 2022 benchmarked monthly salaries (including basic, housing and transport) for the UAE in the area of finance. The monthly salary expectations for a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is AED 70,000 (SME) - AED 90,000 (MNC), a Financial Director AED 55,000 (SME) - AED 65,000 (MNC), and for a Finance Manager AED 35,000 (SME) - AED 45,000 (MNC). A Financial Controller can expect an average monthly salary of AED 30,000 (SME) - AED 40,000 (MNC). A Treasurer can expect an average salary of AED 65,000 (SME) - AED 130,000 (MNC).

Zayed University’s Master of Science in Finance does not require candidates to have a background in the field of finance. Admission is open to the following candidates:

  • Job seekers with bachelor's degrees who want to enter the workforce after graduation.
  • Mid-career professionals who want to make a career change, use the degree for career advancement, enhance their skills in their current positions or pursue a doctoral degree.

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